Personalized Photo Blanket


A photo blanket is an oversized flat rectangular piece of textile featuring photos, photographs, or abstract designs, most often with bound edges. Historically, photo blankets were usually made of heavy, thick fabric depicting symbolic objects, people, and other objects intended to tell a tale or illustrate cultural events. As technology advanced and became available in more affordable options, the blanket was altered to suit modern tastes. The blanket is now available with digital prints and includes blankets depicting popular figures, animals, and themes. Gain more understanding about photo blanket read more now.

A collage blanket may include a combination of various items such as a photo blanket and a quilt or a comforter. These items may be combined in traditional patterns or contemporary ones to create a one of a kind decorative piece. When using a collage picture as inspiration for a design, remember that you can combine any of your favorite images; you simply need to find a suitable image that includes a background that matches or coordinates well with the object you have chosen. If you wish to make a quilt or other bedding item that combines several different items, choose a photograph that includes one basic color with a few varying hues.

Photo pillows are another popular way to personalize a bedroom or nursery. Like fleece blankets, photo pillows are made with a flat, smooth surface and can contain any type of fabric. Some popular photo pillows contain one or two favorite photos, while others display several of them on a smooth fabric. You can also incorporate a poem, phrase, or symbol that represents a special memory for the recipient. Textile manufacturers help individuals create their own personalized textiles in a wide range of colors and styles. Most companies offer embroidered photo pillows, quilted photo blankets, and other decorative pillows in many patterns and colors.

Photo blankets are sometimes referred to as "custom blankets." A custom blanket is an attractive, high-quality gift that contains one or more favorite photos or images. When using a photo blanket as a baby shower gift or as a welcome mat at a wedding or birthday party, be sure to include the date of birth and the names of all of the guests. These blankets make wonderful wedding shower gifts and can be used over again. Be excited to our most important info at

Many people enjoy using photo blankets when decorating an existing room, but it is possible to buy a plain square or rectangular piece of material and turn it into a blanket. A photo blanket can easily be converted into a quilt or an afghan by cutting off one side of the square or rectangle piece of material and then sewing the two sides together. This is actually a more difficult process than it seems, since it does take a bit of practice to sew two fabrics together. A handmade photo blanket may seem less elaborate, but it is an interesting way to dress up a plain piece of clothing or bed sheet. Learn more details at

You can find a large selection of high quality, durable blankets on the Internet. Several websites allow you to search through their product offerings and choose the blanket that best suits your tastes. Just be sure to read the manufacturer's information for each item so you receive a product that will serve its intended purpose. Once you purchase a personalized photo blanket, you can always reuse it or give it as a gift. Many people like to have items that are useful around the house, such as fleece blankets. Personalized fleece blankets are always welcome in any household.